Learn from Mr Eazi-Sally Mann advises Ghanaian artistes

Learn from Mr. Eazi- Sally Mann

Enjoyment pundit, Sally Mann, is advising Ghanaian popular actor to get a rich companions. regarding to her words, this may be an answer to show them to individuals who can fund their careers while wanted.

However, also make use of Bible as a reference to her point when she noted that “now we know that the government cannot help us. In fact, I’m a firm believer of the Bible when it says no people’s government can help an individual. But marrying into the right family will help you.”

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According to Sally, lack of funding is why our major artists appear stagnant despite their exposure. She emphasized that even Shatta Wale could not penetrate the international market after the Beyonce feature. She, therefore, concluded that “so marry a man or a woman with money so that they can help your career.”

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