‘I am a womaniser so how can I be gay?’ – Tinny asks rumour mongers

For the first time, Tinny has responded to rumour mongers who claimed he was gay.

Years ago before the LGBTQ community gained attention in Ghana, it was rumoured that the ‘Aletse’ rapper is gay. Speaking about this in an interview on Hitz FM today, Tinny openly accepted that he is a womaniser and there’s enough to say he is straight.

I am not gay in any way. The same person who others say is gay has so many children. I love women and I am a womaniser so how can I be gay?” he asked.

According to Tinny who is a father of five children, four girls and one boy, he was heartbroken by the rumour because it came from people who do not know him on a personal level.

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People who don’t know me are those who say the worst things about me. If you don’t know me well, you’ll have the wrong perception about me,” he said.

Sharing his thought on what may have fueled the false news, Tinny said, people, believe a man must be ugly and fearful but since he is a bit presentable and good-looking, it attracts the perception he is feminine, hence the gay rumours.

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