Ghanaian Dancehall Artist Shatta Wale Arrives In Ada In Grand Style As He Shares Money On The Streets.

Shatta was billed to perform at the Asafotufiam musical concert. The concert was held in the new ultra-modern Mcdan sports complex.

Not only but the artist choked the streets with his long convoy of cars, causing traffic. He sat on the roof of his vehicle as he threw several notes into the large crowd surrounding the convoy.

Shatta Wale In Grand Style As He Shares Money On The Streets.

Social media folks reacted to the video with mixed opinions. Some folks feel it was dangerous as people could have gotten hurt.

A Security Analyst Gives Expert Opinion Speaking to bestmusicgh.com, a security analyst threw some light on the issue and highlighted the dangers throwing money into crowds can pose.

According to him, the act has a tendency to increase crime rate as pickpockets may take advantage of such situations. He said: There are several implications of the actions of the act of throwing money on the streets in a crowded area, especially during festivities.

Shatta Wale In Grand Style As He Shares Money On The Streets.

In Ghana, crime rate increases when there are festivals and some criminals troop into these events to rip off patrons. The act of the artist could give room for pickpockets to operate whiles patrons and fans alike are scrambling for the money.

How Situations Like This Can Be Managed

He further touched on some measures that should be put in place to manage the risks that come with throwing money into crowds. He mentioned that with the COVID 19 pandemic still looming, it is important to pay particular attention to large gatherings.

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Then he postulated about the way forward is to mitigate such occurrences: I strongly believe that the security agencies tasked to oversee the smooth running of events like these should have a with organizers to address some of these ‘expected’ issues and also list out the do’s and don’ts to whoever is being billed to perform a task one way or the other at these events.

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