Big respect to Tinny but he can’t insult my intelligence — Stonebwoy hits back

Dancehall musician Stonebwoy has expressed disgust at the recent comment by Ghana’s legendary hiplife artiste, Tinny, for attacking him verbally over indebtedness.

Furious Tinny descended on Stonebwoy and Merqury Quaye as he described them as “a bunch of fools with no common sense” on live radio.

The rapper speaking on Accra-based Okay FM reports that the dancehall musician paid for the release of his [Tinny] confiscated car.

A words was heard that Respect to Tinny-stonebwoy

Stonebwoy during an interview on Accra-based Hitz FM’s Cruise Control show, reportedly said he paid for the release of a car belonging to Tinny.

According to reports, the said vehicle was confiscated at the Taifa Police Station after Tinny reportedly failed to show up for a performance in Oti Region despite being paid GH¢2,000 for the show by the event planner, Yaw Menkasa.

Three months after the report, Tinny fired shots at Stonebwoy and Mercury Quaye over the claims.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, he described Stonebwoy and Merqury Quaye, the host of Hitz FM’s Cruise Control as fools.

“I’ve not spoken about it because I saw a video of Merqury Quaye and another gentleman and Stonebwoy enter the studio and they said I owe whatever and he said he will pay.

When I saw the video, I noticed only fools were there; none is wise. I saw it as a bunch of fools, a bunch of idiots who have had the chance to be on the radio,” Tinny fumed.

Further expressing his disappointment in Stonebwoy, he continued that “I wasn’t expecting my colleague to also be a fool. Stonebwoy also joined the fools to be a fool.

They don’t have common sense. He’s my colleague, he should know better. As a senior man that I’ve helped you before when you were coming out and everything…”

He emphasized that “and after saying you’ll pay my debt, you didn’t even get the common sense to call me the next day and say ‘I go radio ooo, they say so so and so; ebi true?”

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz, Stonebwoy stated that Tinny’s position that he should have reached out before paying off the GH¢2,000 is flawed.

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He stated that he felt sad after listening to Tinny because he meant well and did not make the payment in any way to disrespect him.

Explaining what happened at the time, he said the show promoter was making his allegations against the hiplife artiste adding that the case was with the police.

“If someone says something is with the police, it is believable because it’s a legal institution, you can’t just lie on them, so that was one thing that made me think it was true.

if he had mentioned anything else I wouldn’t have acted on the spot,” Stonebwoy clarified.

He indicated that he offered to help because he did not want the promoter to stretch the issue far more than he needed to.

“Big respect to Tinny but his reason during the interview at the time that I didn’t call him before or after, is flawed.

It doesn’t warrant for you to squeeze me in such a manner, insult my intelligence,” he noted.

“Tinny is somebody I respected irrespective of knowing his stance when it comes to a few things.

Because it is based on his fabric that we are here today, it’s based off on other people’s fabric that they came, it is going to be based off on our fabric that other people will come,” the ‘Olololo hitmaker added.

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