BBnaija’s Bryann Angrily Laments About Ilebaye to Khalid

Big Brother Naija housemate Khalid could not hide his anger and disappointment after Ilebaye called him out over an issue.

In videos sighted online, the young man was seen lamenting to Khalid and Daniella about the fact that Ilebaye refused to disclose where she heard a rumour from.

According to him, Ilebaye confronted him over the fact that someone told her that he said they were dating.

Moreover, The drama surrounding coupling up and ships on the Big Brother Naija show gets more interesting by the day.

BBN Husemate Lament About Ilebaye to Khalid

In clips sighted online, Bryann was seen angrily pouring out his heart to Khalid and Daniella about Ilebaye.

According to him, Ilebaye told him that she heard that he told someone they were dating and she refused to disclose who it was.

However, She kept insisting, and it infuriated Bryann to the point that he angrily lamented to Khalid, who calmed him down and urged him not to get provoked.

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BN housemate Lament About Ilebaye to Khalid

Not only-but in another clip, Daniella was heard agreeing with Bryann that people come up with narratives and just run with it.

On Bryann’s situation, she noted that it might have been Chomzy who made the statement, and Bryann disclosed that he doesn’t even know her well enough to tell her anything.

Fans react

mubbyfabrics: “Ilebaye is provocative, she sure knows what she’s doing.”

serialbabymama: “This Chiomzy will come out of the house and see what’s coming for her. Very v1le igbotic girl.”

hellennangoy: “Bryann told them that he never went ed anything but just cruise…if anyone is afraid of the dark just call him….boy doesn’t want a ship”.

therealharderonke: “She’s an instigator… She’s always instigating fight and acted like she did nothing.”

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