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How to Get Your Audiomack ISRC Codes

Are you wondering how to get your Audiomack ISRC Codes? We’ve got all the info on how to download and use Audiomack and what kind of Audiomack codes you need, whether it’s an Audiomack UPC code, an Audiomack ISRC code, or even an Audiomack ISRC Code. Check out our step-by-step instructions and tips to find everything you need to know about getting your Audiomack ISRC codes today!

How to Get Your Audiomack ISRC Codes

What are the benefits of using an ISRC?

ISRCs (International Standard Recording Codes) are a tool that allows you as an artist or label to identify your music in all places. An ISRC can not only used by itself but can also be put with an MCN or label code as well.

The benefits of using an ISRC is that it allows companies who own or create large databases containing music, for use in things such as television, movies, and commercials – to more easily identify and find your music.

This makes it possible for you as an artist to potentially receive more royalties and gain more exposure from your content being used in various ways outside of digital downloads.

All songs on Audiomack come automatically tagged with an ISRC Code; however, if you wish to claim ownership over any track(s), you will need to enter your own manually.

How to Get Your Audiomack ISRC Codes

What is an ISRC Code?

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) identifies sound recordings and music video recordings. It does not identify musical compositions or sound effects, which are identified by a separate coding system.

In order for an ISRC code to be assigned, it must meet certain criteria as outlined in a manual created by EBU Technical Recommendation 370.

This means that if you have one song on an album, it gets one code; if you have three versions of a song—English, Spanish and French—each gets its own code.

How to Get Your Audiomack ISRC Codes

Getting an ISRC Code

An ISRC code is similar to a UPC or EAN barcode and can be added to any audio or video product, whether it’s recorded music or a podcast. You need an ISRC if you want your music to be monetized on Audiomack platform. And don’t forget about YouTube—you’ll need an ISRC for your videos if you want them monetized via ads.

If you plan on selling physical products (cassettes, CDs) that include music, like at live shows or festivals, then you also need an ISRC code. In short, if you distribute or sell audio/video content of any kind—on-demand or in a store/festival/showcase environment—then get yourself an ISRC! Most platforms require you to have one in order to get paid for plays and streams.

Getting one is fairly simple but does involve some legwork on your part: first, fill out an application through SoundExchange (the non-profit entity that grants ISRC codes). Wait a few weeks and then SoundExchange will contact you with their decision.

Once they approve your request, they’ll mail your new code; once received, make sure to add it to all relevant records! Finally, here’s what to do if you’ve applied for an ISRC before and haven’t gotten a response:

Find your original email from SoundExchange detailing their receipt of your request; find out where exactly in that email it says Pending Review — check both text blocks as well as between them; copy/paste everything except whatever was written between those lines when writing back to SoundExchange.

How to Get Your Audiomack ISRC Codes

The Best Place to Buy ISRCs

ISRCs are a set of identifying codes that can be embedded into any audio work (music, podcast, radio show, etc.) and tied to a unique track. You can purchase from ISRC code services. If you’re looking for more information on how ISRCs are set on professional audio creation, check out

What Are ISRC Codes?

Where Do I Get My ISRC Codes?

Then, once you have all your pieces together, grab them at iLicenseMusic or Audiosocket or one of many other places that sell ISRC codes. Go to Order Page or call us at 1-877-872-2060 (USA/Canada) or +1-404-869-0701

You can obtain your ISRC codes from us today, using your Credit Card or Paypal account. Here is the process…

You can obtain your ISRC codes from us today

Then submit your track to Audiomack and select Submit Exclusively as we will not accept tracks with existing licenses attached unless specifically requested by an artist rep or label exec—Audiomack is about distributing original content without copyright infringement involved! Please do not submit promo copies with copyright tags attached as it will delay upload approval.

How to Get Your Audiomack ISRC Codes

How much does ISRC Code cost

The app itself is free for both iOS and Android. You’ll need to purchase a $5 per month subscription to get an Audiomack ISRC Code, or buy an individual track’s code for $0.99 per track.

If you want an ISRC code, that will cost $1.99 per song title – though you can only apply one code per song, meaning it’s not really ideal for compilations.

Audiomack Has a Generous Refund Policy for Unused Codes

If you buy a code and don’t use it, audiomack will allow you to refund your code for up to $7. This isn’t just on unopened codes—it applies if you never uploaded a song using that code. The idea behind an unconditional refund policy is simple: Give people confidence in their purchase, so they are more likely to come back and make another purchase later.

The refund policy gives audiomack users peace of mind and makes them feel like their money is going toward something valuable—specifically, uploading music into a database that has 7 million registered users. Why wouldn’t I want my money back if I didn’t get value out of it?

In Conclusion

Once you have received your exclusive audiomack ISRC code, you will receive an e-mail regarding your own personal audiomack ISRC and isrc codes. These are basically twelve character alpha-numeric strings which you can use for all commercial recordings.

Moreover, input the numbers on your songs or any other digital distribution platform, these track information will later updated with Soundstrangers.

If you have any question, do not forget to leave a comment. Thank you

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