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How Much Does Audiomack Pay For 1,000 Streams?

How much does audiomack pay for 1,000 streams? How much does a creator on audiomack earns when having 1,000 streams? Well, audiomack is now a big platform and has a great package for its users, as it brings the AMP program to its creators to start earning cash from their music. It never ends there, also the AMP program which was limited to only three countries has now gone worldwide.

how much does audiomack pay for 1,000 plays

For every 1,000 the audiomack platform is set to pay a creator between ($1 to $5), remember earns may vary from time to time. So the more your plays the more you will earn.

NOTE: As of now creators only make money from their streams If generates the sum of Ten Thousand ($10,000.00 or more) Dollars from Ads and Subscriptions in a month (including deductions for Actual Costs) and the total number of Streams on Audiomack for that given month is Ten Million (10,000,000 or more) Streams, the Revenue for every 1,000 Streams for the month shall be between ($1 to $5), How much Audiomack pay for 1,000? Read a full article on how much audiomack pay its creators


  1. Please I’m unable to successfully complete the payment requirements
    Hope I can receive it with my normal local account and also I don’t understand the tax side of the documents

  2. I have over 200,000 streams in my account but I’m unable to successfully complete the payment requirements please I need to start earning so I can further my projects I have album at hand please help me

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